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a minute, doesn't glenn beck said obama pushes the socialist agenda? his stuff is loony. loony toon. that's "hardball" more politics ahead with cenkuyger. >>> more violence in egypt. journalists attacked, aid workers attacked and there's expected to be huge protests tomorrow. tomorrow is the big, big day. it's more important than ever that mubarak leave now. and the u.s. government has got to do everything possible to make that happen. earlier today, it was a scene of pitch battles between supporters and opponents of the government. we'll have a live report from cairo in just a second. also tonight, the republicans end their massive hypocrisy on the budget. i'm going to break it down iffer you and show you how their budget makes no sense. and the conservatives have the nerve to attack president obama on egypt, given what they've done in foreign policy? i'm going to rip them apart. first, based on the events today, i think mubarak is finally done. the army threw out the pro-mubarak supporters from the tahrir square late last night. they stopped the violence that was coming from the pro-mub
suppression. >> according to attorney general eric holder, president obama has concluded he can no longer defend a federal law defining marriage as only between a man and woman. >> the justice department says it has concluded that that provision of the law, declining to recognize marriages in states where they're permitted, is unconstitutional. >> even you're evolving. >> you're not going to change his mind. >>> good evening. governor scott walker has insisted day after day that his budget repair bill is about saving money and not about union busting. but in a phone conversation with a man he believed to be billionaire david koch, walker let down his guard and said it. >> this is about public-sector unions. you essentially are having taxpayers money being used to pay to lobby for spending more of taxpayers money. it is absolutely ridiculous. it is not just what walker said about unions that has excited the governor's critics, it is his staff's desperate eagerness to put a man he said was koch on with their boss, without feeling any need to check if it actually was mr. koch. that seems to
as the protests break a new record, the obama admiration is backing off calling for immediate reform. disaster. we enter their fact-free zone tonight. on thursday, the republicans in the house are going to unveil their new round of spending cuts. they say they will cut on the floor 15% of discretionary spending from the domestic budget, including the money needed to regulate the banks. how convenient. they also want to cut money for food safety. yeah, who needs safe food? now, why do we need they so-called -- they're definitely drastic, but why the so-called cuts? because they blew up our budget over these massive tax cuts. republicans are addicted to these tax cuts. every time they run for office they promise move. they love to tell you that the democrats want to take more of your hard-earned money. well, this weekend the president unfortunately fed the freak-out machine with this comment. >> do you deny you're a man that wants to redistribute wealth? >> absolutely. i didn't raise taxes once. i lowered taxes over the last two years. >> that revved up the right-wing blogosphere and immediately sta
. it actually makes his position worse. >> well, president obama last night did say that mubarak does need to begin to stoep down, however you interpret that. apparently president mubarak doesn't agree. so is him sending out here people to -- the pro mubarak forces on camels and horses, et cetera, to beat down the protestors, is that his answer to president obama? saying basically, i'm not listening. >> i don't think it's his answer to president obama. i think it's him saying i don't want to leave. and i think it's an act of desperation. i know president mubarak. i think he has a real sense of egypt as a wonderful great country. but nobody should be president for 30 years, and i think he thinks if he tries some of the things that might have worked in the past he can stay there. it's not going to work this time. it's just not going to work. the momentum has grown too much. and i think the more things like the people on the horseback, the molotov cocktails and all, the hard it is for him to be able to leave with any semblance of dignity and authority. the time has come. now, whether that tim
with ce cenk uyger. >>> president obama's budget cuts go towards the right. did the right give him any credit for it? what do you think? here's what he got for his effo efforts. nothing. tens of thousands of protesters march in the streets s os of t as tear gas is used on them. i'm going to debate tonight on the social revolution in iraq opinion plus, exposing a huge divide in the republican party. they're booing and hollering at each other. and ron fall is driving the accomplishment crazy. who's right and who's wrong? an explosive associated press speci special. an investigation shows dead detainees with zero accountability. a reporter reveals all the details tonight. now today, president obama rolled out hids nes nearly $4 trillion budget. it axes $1 trillion in programs for the next ten years. let's look at the numbers. he has cut $200 billion over the next two years. $200 billion in saving s. that's got to do it, right? that's a huge amount to cut. let's do math. i like math on this program. as you remember, nay just had an $858 billion in tax cuts over the next two years. when yo
obama in 2007. >> and understand this, if american workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when i'm in the white house, i'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself and walk on that picket line with you as president of the united states ofç america, because workers deserve to know that somebody is standing in their corner. >> oh, that is so true. where is that man? where is he? what happened? now that you're in the white house you couldn't find a comfortable pair of shoes to get out there on that picket line. he said i'll be right there with you. since thursday, not a word, not a word. what has he done since collective bargaining rights of the people in wisconsin have been challenged? i'm telling you. he doesn't have comfortable shoes on, he has comfortable slippers on. and he put them on. of course, the excuse he always uses is oh, no, it would be a distraction. it would seem like -- of course it's political! it's a tough political fight. you know who they could use? they could use their leader. but he hasn't gone out there. he hasn't even said
society said ike was a communist, they now believe obama is an avatar of a burgeoning caliphate. >>> president obama defended his budget today, but did he really defend social security? my take on that. i'm coming. >>> also, tonight president clinton bias on the supreme court? clarence thomas is in trouble. >>> and expos are the tea party, a special available reveals where the money goes. the reporter who broke that story joins us. >>> first, let me show you what he said, and then i'll explain. >> you talked about social security medicare and medicaid. the truth is social security is not the huge contributor that the other two entitlements are. i'm confident we can get social security done in the same way that ronald reagan, tip o'neil were able to get it done, by parties coming together, making some modest adjustments, i think we can avoid slashing benefits, and i think we can make it stable and stronger for not only this generation, but for the next generation. >> stronger for the next generation. remember, tip o'neil and ronald reagan wound up making some cuts to social secur
dominated legislature. he mocked his obama-backed predecessor john core sooin who said he would sleep on a cot in his office until the new jersey cries i was averted. >> i said you want to pass income tax increase, that's fine. i am going to veto it. and if you want to close down the government because of that, that's fine. but i want to tell you something. i am not moving any cot into the office to sleep in here. take a look at me. you think i'm sleeping on a cot? we submitted a budget that cut real spending 9% year over year. every department of state government was cut. and we balanced the budget without any new or increased taxes. >> then he attacked president obama for pushing investments in his state of the union speech. >> the big things are high speed rail. the big things are high speed internet access. a million electric cars on the road by some date. ladies and gentlemen, that is the candy of american politics. those are not the big things, because let me guarantee you something. if we don't fix the real big things, there will be no electric cars on the road. >> he then addr
they have been waiting for. >> the crowd in tahrir square cheering. today, barack obama praised a successful peaceful revolution. >> there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. and this is one of those moments. this is one of those times. the people of egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same. by stepping down, president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change. >> he is exactly right. now the celebration has not died down yet. people are still in the square, celebrating right now. even though it's 1:00 in the morning in cairo. now tonight, we're going to try to explain exactly why this revolution happened, how it happened and what will rise up now that the old regime has gone down. joining me now from cairo is msnbc's chief foreign correspondent, richard engel. i want to talk to you about the people in the streets. i have seen you throughout the day. i want to know who they are. is it mainly the youth, a cross section, middle class, laborers? who are they? >> right now, it is
. >> president obama speaks to the right wing chamber of commerce today. i think that's a really bad idea and i'll explain why. >>> a week after republicans tried to redefine rape, a state representative in georgia wants to stop calling women who suffered rape victims. are republicans waging a war on women? >>> a reagan reality check. the real ronald reagan would make tea partiers sick. my case on how republicans today would be trashing the liberal policies. i did say liberal. >>> simpson calls for drastic spending cuts in a way no one else can. first he talked about milking cows and now he's talking about other body parts. >>> all right. today president obama went over to the chamber of commerce to make nice with big business. i think that's a bad idea. i want to explain to you why. first of all, the chamber of commerce is without a doubt a right wing organization. you shouldn't feed the bear that wants to eat you for lunch. that's a saying i just made up. what do you think? all right. now i'll show you why. last year the chamber spent $33 million to defeat the democrats in the mid terms. that
president obama. but we got the facts to show you the gop hypocrisy. robert reich with a reality check tonight. and super bowl politics. why progressives should be really psyched about the big game. the story of why this game will drive tea partiers crazy. >> pro democracy protests in egypt continued to roar. hundred thousands showed up for the day of departure. for the 11th strait day, protesters gathered in cairo's main scare who demand egyptian president hosni mubarak step down. after two violent days, today was mostly peaceful. the army protected demonstrators, checking to make sure there were november thugs at least in the tv square where the tv cameras were. let's go to ron allen in cairo. hey, ron, here's the part i don't understand about this. i hope you can help us out. so they bash the journalists and some really scary stuff in going after the journalists, but then they don't attack today. what was the point of attacking all those journalists? >> well, the army was out in force today. that was the big difference. they established rules and parameters for the demonstration ear
of the house, he's singing a little different tune. >> over the last two years since president obama has taken office, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs. and if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it. >> if some of the jobs are lost, so be it? from the guy who ran the campaign on where are the jobs? of course he's wrong on the numbers. and the number of jobs created, the net increase was 58,000, if since obama has come in. so boehner was only off by about 142,000. you know why he was off by that? because he picked the number out of his back pocket. they just make it up! it's amazing. the office of management and budget found that, in fact, in 2010, there were 8.4 federal employees for every 1,000 americans. under bush, there were 9.1 federal workers per 1,000 citizens. do you know what that means? that means that president bush had more federal employees per capita. in fact, under president obama, we're seeing the lowest level of federal employees per capita since before 1962. so less federal employees per capita, and they call him a socialist anyway. oh, he's ad
it appears that president obama certainly had a hand in helping mubarak see the writing on the wall. today nbc confirmed that president obama sent a retired diplomat to carry a message to mubarak telling him not to run again. i wish he had gone further, but he has been inching close you are to nudging mubarak out. perhaps he remembered what this u.s. president said in cairo. >> i do have an unyielding belief that all people yearn for certain things -- the ability to speak your mind and have a say in how you are governed p confidence in the rule of law and the equal administration of justice. government that is transparent and doesn't steal from the people. the freedom to live as you choose. we will welcome all elected peaceful governments, provided they govern with respect for all their people. >> boy, am i with that guy. i wish he would get to that position a little quicker now that it really matters, but today was a good day as the position moved against a dictator we've been supporting for nearly 30 years. joining me is new york congressman gary acerman. he sits on the house foreign aff
, sir. we're expecting a statement by president obama. joining me now is nicholas burns, veteran of the united states diplomat and professor at harvard's fabulous kennedy school of government. thank you so much. i've been listening to you for years. i've got great respect for your sense of history here. we're watching some kind of revolution in cairo, even a bloodless revolution which is a good thing. >> you're right. we're watching, because it's not just in this keystone country in egypt, it's throughout the arab world 37. what's been remarkable, as you know, you've seen, these protests have been largely peaceful for the last 17 days. there are people who want a better life, they want freedom, they want jobs, they want an end to corruption. america needs to support that. i think president obama has done a very good job of saying i want with those people and i want that same kind of future. the difficulty comes, especially after mubarak's speech is how do you translate that emotion and that passion in the streets into political change. the demonstrators are not organized. they do
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during the depression. none other than president obama called governor walker out in an interview with a local milwaukee station. >> some of what i've heard coming out of wisconsin where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems more like an assault on unions. >> for once, it seems national democrats have embraced, rather than abandoned their grassroots base. organizing for america, president obama's former campaign juggernaut that's now part of democratic national committee has gone all-in with the protesters in wisconsin. house democratic leader nancy pelosi offered her support this afternoon in no uncertain terms. >> in wisconsin right now, we are watching an extraordinary show of democracy in action. wisconsin's workers, stiteacher and public servants must fight for good wages and a safe work place. >> the protesters have the support of the dnc, the democratic leader of the house, the president of the united states, as well as a good chunk of the victorious green bay packers. one last point about governor walker that's just start
playbook -- impeachment. here's how gingrich responded to president obama's doma decision. >> we swore on a bible that he would uphold the constitution and enforce the laws of the united states. he's not a one-person supreme court. the idea that we now have the rule of obama instead of the rule of law should frighten everybody. imagine that governor palin had become president and announced that roe versus wade in her judgment was unconstitutional and therefore the united states government would no longer protect the decision to have an abortion. "the new york times" would have demanded her preechlt. >> when asked directly if he was demanding impeachment, he said the action, quote, cannot be allowed to stand. the bush administration often chose which laws to defend or not. and the analogy of sarah palin and roe versus wade has nothing to do with this. but, of course, bush was a republican, so talking about his impeachment would have been un-american. impeaching democrats for the same things or for no apparent reason, well, that's apparently an american tradition, at least according to n
. what these people in wisconsin want, what i gather on the ground is they want president barack obama to step out unequivocally and be behind labor. this is going to be an absolute legislative fight to the finish. they want to hear from the democrats. they want to hear from harry reid, they want to hear from dick durbin and chuck schumer. where's the democratic leadership when it comes to standing with the wage earners in the country? >> i sense you're thinking of the national democrats and perhaps the president aren't doing enough here to support those workers is that what you're saying? >> i'm saying the hour glass has been turned on the workers in this state. the people who went door to dpoor and did the social network, the people who helped barack obama win this state by double-digit margins are now at his doorstep asking him to step up for the workers here in wisconsin. where are the democrats? we are seeing leadership from the wisconsin democrats. they won't give the republicans the vote. they walked out today. they're going to fight for these workers and that's really what it's
to the white house to have lunch with president obama and vice president biden, in an effort to find common ground. oh, boy. they made aç talk after lunch d common ground was a theme. >> it was a very good lunch. and we were able to find enough common ground, i think, to show the american people we're willing to work on their behalf. >> we're coming out of this lunch committed to trying to do that because the economy so desperately needs us to work together to send the signal that we should start growing again as america, because that's what america does best. it innovates and leads. >> i would say the main portion of the entire lunch was talking about the economy, ways that we could grow the economy, a lot to deal with regulation, reform to unleash those shackles that government holds, especially on small business. >> shackles. small business is shackled. the only way to free them is to cut spending. by the way, big business is spending on over $1 trillion and they won't spend it. so all this talk about small business is nonsense. all they want to do is cut their taxes and lower their re
have real people and people have stood up in wisconsin. they didn't wait for leaders or obama or the national democrats. i say we go to wisconsin. people from around the country, you have to support the people protesting on your behalf. this isn't just about that state. it's about how they'll attack every average american. they're going to attash your social security next. you lost it in the first round of the economic collapse and you'll lose in the second round, too. if they knock out your la night of defense, unfortunately we'll get to a point where they'll finish the american middle class. don't let them do it. joining me is milwaukie mayor tom barrett. he lost to governor walker. mayor barrett, tell me about that, what do you mean he's lost an ideological war? >> i want our wisconsin back. this is not the way we operate here. when we have problems we sit down and work it out. what governor walker has done he 'pitted firefighters against nurses, sanitation workers again policemen. i understand it, the governor understands it, the unions understand it, they united states th
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